The legacy is better than the original

The 1996 horror movie The job is a bright, fresh look at teenage girls who are also witches. Starring Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Skeet Ulrich and Rachel True, the story follows Sarah Bailey (Tunney) as she moves to a new town and doesn’t care about fitting in. The movie became a cult hit and it makes sense there was interest in a reboot.

The profession: heritage came out from Blumhouse Productions in 2020 and the story has the same bones as the original as an interesting teenage girl moves to a new town and falls in with a group of witches. But while there’s still a lot to enjoy about the original film, there are some clever changes that make The profession: heritage better horror movie than The job.


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The job is a cult film and stands out among the most underrated 90s horror films. While The job is a smart and scary movie, and countless horror fans like to rewatch it regularly, there’s something special about The profession: heritage. The new movie is more fun, entertaining, and fresh because it’s less dark and disturbing, but still explores the same important subject of not wanting to fit in or being cool. When Lily (Cailee Spaeny) is the new girl in town, Frankie (Gideon Aldon), Lourdes (Zoey Luna) and Tabby (Lovie Simone) want her to be their fourth, much like Nancy (Balk), Bonnie (Campbell ) and Rochelle (True) wants to explore witchcraft with Sarah.

The Craft: Legacy cast

The profession: heritage is inclusive, with trans actress Zoey Luna playing the Lourdes character and Zoe Lister-Jones, who wrote and directed the film, spoke to Scott Turner Schofield and GLAAD. As Luna explained in a interview with The envelope“All the women who were so aware and educated before I even met me are what made the set feel so safe, working with these women who are just very intelligent and aware of their own feelings, helped them take aware of my feelings and my limits.”

In both movies, the main characters are up there with the best movie witches. It’s the way The profession: heritage deals with magical powers and also encounters that make this movie work better than the original. In The job, Sarah wants Chris (Ulrich) to fall in love with her, but the spell goes awry when he becomes so obsessed with her that she fears for his safety and possibly even his life. Bonnie’s scars are fading and she’s conventionally beautiful but she’s overly pretentious, Rachel torments the popular girl and ruins her life, and Nancy gets rich and runs away from her mother’s abusive but big-headed partner. While it’s fascinating to watch these stories unfold, the message of “be careful what you wish for” makes them feel a bit expected. In The profession: heritage, the main characters cast a spell on Timmy (Nicholas Galitzine) to make him more compassionate and understanding. Although this spell always ends in disaster when Timmy is killed, this idea is so unique that it stands out in the horror genre.

The cast of The Craft: Legacy

Lily, Frankie, Lourdes, and Tabby feel like a more cohesive group of friends than the four main characters in The job. That’s partly because in the original movie, Sarah doesn’t seem to care much about having friends. She’s a loner who likes to do what she wants and she’s not looking for that love and connection. Lily, on the other hand, loves being part of something bigger than herself and genuinely forms a bond with the other three girls, which helps this movie stand out. When they learn that Lily’s stepfather Adam (David Duchovny) killed Timmy, they work together to beat him up, which is thrilling to watch and also very meaningful. It’s not often there’s a heartwarming story of friendship wrapped up in a horror movie, but it’s definitely a part of The profession: heritage and it is good that there is compassion with the terrifying scenes.

Another way that The profession: heritage is a better movie than The job is the end. Rochelle and Bonnie no longer have their witch powers and Nancy is now in a mental hospital, saying she can fly but knowing no one is listening. Sarah can still do magic, but she’s on her own now because she’s done with her old friends. The conclusion of The profession: heritage is much more gripping and powerful: the four girls become friends again and Lily meets her mother, Nancy from the original film. It’s a fun find that works just as well as the horror movie’s best plot twists and makes it hard not to praise all the ways the new movie takes a fresh approach to a story about witches.

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