The Line Creator teams up with Nine Inch Nails guitarist for cosmic horror game


Spec Ops creator Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck are launching their own game studio with a cosmic horror game as planned.

Special operations: the line creative director Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails Guitarist Robin Finck has founded a new game development studio called Eyes Out – and his first project will be a single-player cosmic horror game.

According to News week, Eyes Out will develop authoring and more storytelling-oriented video games – games that would not generally be approved by AAA publishers. The men decided to start their own studio after discovering a common love for interactive media and atmospheric storytelling. They’ve assembled a team of like-minded people to create Eyes Out’s first game, which will be a “cosmic horror game with strong environmental storytelling” and an “imaginative use” of visuals and sound, in particular ambient music.

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Cosmic Horror (also known as Eldritch Horror) is a niche horror subgenre often associated with the works of author HP Lovecraft. The subgenre decenters the concept of human superiority and focuses on the themes of scientific progress, madness, existential nihilism, and philosophical pessimism. The earliest examples of cosmic horror stories date back to the early 1900s, and modern examples include the 2018 film Annihilation, The HBO TV Series Lovecraft Country and video games like Dead space, the city sinking and Gibbous – An Adventure in Cthulhu.

Davis and Finck are both horror genre veterans. While at Monolith Productions, Davis worked on the original TO FEAR and Sentenced securities. Even his games without horror often feature terrifying sequences meant to piss off players (i.e. the white phosphorus scene in Special operations: the line).

Finck previously collaborated with iconic horror director John Carpenter on the soundtrack of the 2001 director’s film. Ghosts on Mars. The guitarist has also contributed scores for several horror video games, including Observation and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

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The two seem excited about the collaboration, the future of Eyes Out and the studio’s first game. According to Finck, “Cory is a true and passionate artist… We connected about movies and games and music and all the minutiae and it was a really positive charge to collide with him. have a work ethic and a simpatico motivation, and we see each other soul to soul. Our game together is inspired. “

Likewise, Davis had nothing but good things to say about the Nine Inch Nails guitarist, stating, “When I finished working on Here they are, Robin walked around our studio and I felt a very strong connection to his open and creative view of the existence and power of music. [We] I immediately started working on some prototypes I had in development at the time and together we headed straight for something unexpected … it’s such an exhilarating journey to venture out together in darkness.”

Beyond the preliminary descriptions, not much is known about Eyes Out’s first game – not even the title. However, he was teased that more details are expected to come in the next few months.

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Source: News week

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