The Room Rivals The Rocky Horror Picture Show For Midnight Fun



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Filmmaker, in a way, Tommy Wiseau

“I didn’t hit her. This is not true! It’s bullshit! I didn’t hit her. I do not have. Oh, hi, Marc.

For nearly 20 years, this iconic monologue has baffled moviegoers. Rooftop Chat Is Just One Of The Crazy Conversations That Make Up Tommy Wiseau’s Cult Movie Masterpiece Bedroom. Wiseau, posing as the next Orson Welles, wrote, directed, produced, shot, funded, and starred in a “serious drama” so ill-conceived that it continues to woo the laughing midnight crowds to this day.

Wiseau’s cult celebrity had spread after the release of The artist of disaster, a memoir by his best friend and co-star Greg Sestero on the production of the film which details the life of a man as strange as his characters. The bestseller was adapted into an Oscar nominated film of the same name, in which James Franco was acclaimed for his performance and famous refused Wiseau a chance to speak at the Golden Globes.

The cornerstone of BedroomThe success of has always been the midnight screenings. Debate rages on whether or not Wiseau is in the joke, but the ritual of seeing Bedroom with a live crowd involves repeating lines, soccer passes and onscreen spoon throws. it is that of this generation The Rocky Horror Picture Show, except there are even more awkward sex scenes (both movies have three, but Bedroom‘s each last about 10 minutes).

Bedroom returns to Dallas this friday at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane. For first-timers, we’ve listed 10 questions you’re likely to ask yourself if this is your first trip to Wiseau-lane.

1. What are spoons?
Viewers enjoy throwing spoons at the screen during screenings of Bedroom because of the disproportionate number of bottom paintings on cutlery. No one knows why this is a recurring pattern; maybe Wiseau is a secret follower of Spoon Theory.

2. Is this dog alive?
The florist’s sequence is part of Bedroomis the most famous, and we still don’t know if Wiseau was using a realistic prop or a real mutt.

3. What was Denny’s involvement in the drug scene?
A major plot point revolves around the character of Denny, the creepy child of the next door neighbor, who is facing drug traffickers. Apparently, Denny has ties to the criminal world, but they were never fully explained by Wiseau.

4. Has Lisa’s mother recovered from breast cancer?
Lisa’s astute mother hates and loves Wiseau’s character, Johnny; we don’t know why. We also do not know if she has ever recovered from breast cancer, which she mentions once and never mentions again.

5. Is there a secret vampire deleted scene?
Rumors persist that the original script for Bedroom revealed that Johnny was secretly a vampire. Maybe Wiseau locked up some deleted footage. Is #ReleaseTheWiseauCut coming?

6. What’s wrong with Peter?
Mark almost throws Peter (a doctor from a vague medical practice) from the roof in a scene, but then their informal conversation continues. Is this its form of alternative medicine?

7. What are we focusing on?
Literally. Plans are constantly being developed. Blind incompetence or art brut?

8. We’re in San Francisco, aren’t we?
Aside from the laboriously long sex scenes, some of the longest stretches of Bedroom are the vast settlement plans of San Francisco. They are so detailed that some even have mapped out the events of the film for a day trip.

9. What planet is Wiseau from?
Wiseau left his origins ambiguous when talk to Jimmy Kimmel in 2016, so we’re still trying to figure out which corner of the galaxy is his home world. His production company is simply called “Tommy’s Planet”.

10. Does Big shark the most anticipated film ever made?
Wiseau has languished in his fame for 18 years, making only brief appearances in low-budget movies, web shows, and skits. He finally resumes his role of actor / screenwriter / director / producer for the monster movie Big shark, which has delayed its release until later this year. Yes, this is our most anticipated movie of the year now. Sorry, Dune.


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