The Walking Dead star continues to fan the flames of casting rumor

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead is fueling speculation about his role as the MCU’s Ghost Rider, flaunting fan art of himself as Spirit of Vengeance.

Norman Reedus makes no effort to tease that Marvel Studios chose him as Ghost Rider.

Earlier this month, film scholar Charles Murphy fanned the flames of Ghost Rider’s future when he revealed that Marvel Studios had decided which incarnation of Ghost Rider would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This news led fans to whip up their own actor / character combos, with many expressing a desire to see Reedus take on the role of Johnny Blaze. The actor responded by liking several tweets about the prospect, further fueling fan speculation. Now, the actor has taken a straightforward approach to the subject, sharing the art of himself as the Ghost Rider. The image represents the Walking Dead star with half of his face burned, mimicking Ghost Rider’s signature skull and hinting at his potential cast.

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Previously, actor Nicolas Cage played Johnny Blaze in Columbia Pictures’ Ghost rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Cage, while a lifelong comic reader, has proven to be a fan-divided cast. The films both turned out to be profitable but weren’t popular with critics or fans, leading Columbia to abandon plans for the franchise and hand over the rights to Disney.

With the rights to the Rider under its control, Disney commissioned Marvel Television to bring the character to Agents of SHIELD There, Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes, a young Spirit of Vengeance who traded the character’s trademark motorcycle for a fiery 1969 Dodge Charger called the “Hell Charger.” At one point, Luna was supposed to star in a Ghost rider series on Hulu, although that deal fell apart when Disney decided to end various Marvel Television shows in favor of the Marvel Studios MCU.

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If Reedus were to become the next Spirit of Vengeance, it would be the last in the actor’s long list of comic book projects. Reedus starred as Daryl Dixon on AMC Walking Dead for 11 seasons. Although the series is based on the Image Comics title of the same name by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, Daryl was an original character created for the series. Apart from this franchise, Reedus is also developing the book Aftershock Comics Defeated by blood on a TV show for AMC, with creators Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler attached as co-executive producers.

While it’s unclear whether Reedus will speed up the Rider’s motorcycle in 2022, the Spirit of Vengeance is set to have another monstrous new year. To coincide with Johnny Blaze’s 50th birthday, Marvel is launching a Ghost rider Ongoing series by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Cory Smith. In it, Johnny loses control of his powers, leading him to seek the truth behind the Rider’s Curse. Percy says the book will kiss Ghost rideris a horror property, providing fans with jaw-dropping action and thrills.

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