This cult horror classic successfully mixes many genres


Twenty-five years ago, Robert Rodriguez was at the peak of his career after his immense success with the Mariachi movie theater. From dusk till dawn is a limitless feature that combines the horror, action, thriller and comedy genres. The film also brings together larger-than-life characters (criminals, small family, bikers) to fight grotesque vampires with a unique style.

The horror feature film focuses on two brothers, Seth and Richie Gecko, who are violent criminals just trying to get rich. After they manage to rob a bank in Texas, while also killing police officers and innocent civilians in the process, their plan is to meet another group of crooks in Mexico, who will give the brothers a new car and share the money from the bank. However, to get to Mexico undetected, the Gecko brothers use a father and two children to pass as they have an RV with plenty of space to hide.

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The Gecko brothers (played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) are really a job. While Clooney was well known on television in the ’90s, especially for his solid work on emergency, this Rodriguez feature film gave Clooney the opportunity to shine as a film actor, displaying dramatic enthusiasm and tough-guy vibes with an intense rocket. Tarantino (best known for his directorial chops and funny cameos) delivers his best full-length role as a mad, out-of-control madman who only knows how to kill people and rape women.


Although Seth is an intense and aggressive character, he only kills and fights when he has to and only intends to be a professional thief. Richie murders and attacks for fun, always fighting and making up lies and excuses to kill civilians and cops. Seth is especially disgusted with Richie after his deranged brother violently assaulted and murdered a female hostage. Yet despite all their fights and disagreements, Seth and Richie are brothers who always stick together.

As for family, Harvey Keitel (typically known for tough guy roles like in Tarantino’s directorial debut Tank dogs) portrays the more subtle Jacob Fuller, a former preacher who lost his faith in God after the death of his wife. Her two children, Kate (Juliette Lewis) and Scott (Ernest Liu) do their best to comfort their father and are a very calm family about the aggressive behavior of the Gecko brothers. When the Geckos meet the Fullers and hold them hostage, tension mounts. Richie is attracted to Kate, Jacob is embarrassed by it, and Seth warns the family that he will hurt them if they don’t comply with his demands.

Once the Geckos and Fullers arrive in Mexico, they spend the night in a club, where the Gecko brothers are supposed to meet Carlos (Cheech Marin) and other criminals to do their business deals. However, the night takes a horrific turn and becomes bloody when the dancers and workers at the club are revealed to be deadly vampires at night, forcing the Geckos, Fullers and other survivors to put aside their differences and work together to defeat the villains. thirsty for blood. .

While Rodriguez’s film seems to take a lot of the stuff, with excessive profanity, bloody graphic violence, and sexual content, the director effectively blends the horror, thriller, drama, and comedy genres into one feature film. The first half is especially crucial as a dramatic thriller (with a few comedic moments) to introduce the main characters (the Gecko brothers and the Fullers) as the two families are very different. The Geckos are hard-core criminals on the run, and the Fullers are a faith-based family mourning the loss of a mother and wife. The two families may be different, but each goes through personal conflict and must use their humanity to overcome greater evil.


The second half is truly an overblown horror due to the vampires and their scheming style. The dancers (especially Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium) are beautiful and attractive, but when they transform into vampires they are absolutely terrifying, with big teeth and major facial transformations that seem grotesque. When the vampires bite, stab, and cut people in the club, a lot of blood spurts out and body parts are torn apart in some ugly scenes as well. When Seth, along with Jacob and his children, slaughter vampires with guns, crosses, and sharp, wooden objects, the hideous creatures bleed different colors and burn.

The most gruesome part is that not only do the club’s survivors have to take down the main vampires, but then they have to kill those who have been bitten and slaughtered by vampires before they transform. The favorites of Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin (who effectively plays three roles in this film: a border guard, a member of the club and Carlos) also bring their machismo to the film. The way Trejo and Marin, as club members, argue with Seth over whether or not he can drink in their club provides some funny banter, and when the two men turn into vampires, they are even more deadly. (while still being hilarious, on-the-best death scenes). Another Rodriguez favorite, makeup artist and actor Tom Savini (also well known for his work with horror legend George Romero) is also cool and humorous as a character known simply as the Sex Machine, a tough survivor. who kills a lot of vampires, and in one scene hilariously tries to hide their arms and teeth after being bitten by a vampire and starting to transform.

While the first half feels like a Western action thriller and the second act is a bloody horror, Rodriguez keeps his feature film centered around Seth Gecko and Jacob Fuller. It is because of their initial opposition, and then their camaraderie, that viewers care about the fate of the protagonists and whether or not they are able to take on the vigorous vampires. Jacob manages to reach out to Seth telling him that he should come to terms with his victory as a criminal and not be aggressive all the time, especially after he manages to rob a bank and escape from the police. Seth also restores Jacob’s faith in God by explaining to him that there must be a God to whom people are faithful in order for good to triumph over evil.

From dusk till dawn is one of the best horror movies because Rodriguez is a talented and talented filmmaker (both indie and mainstream) who knows how to bring compelling characters into a multi-faceted story that mixes many genres, as well as a well-choreographed action. This film is also a tribute to drive-in films involving brutal violence, seduction and horror with satisfying grotesque make-up and visuals.

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