This fan theory about the holidays made it a horror movie!

One of our favorite movies for Christmas, Vacations, suddenly turned into a dark story that could be the perfect horror movie!

There’s a fan theory swirling around on Reddit, which tells the story of Kate winslet (Iris) and Jude law (Graham), who are setting a trap for Cameron diaz (Amanda Woods), where they plan that Graham will marry her, they will kill her and inherit her fortune. Sinister.

The theory is that Graham murdered his first wife and that he and Iris used the home exchange website to bring Amanda to town.

Here, Iris will go to America and check Amanda’s digs to see if she has enough money and possessions. She is then over the moon when she sees how luxurious her house is and knows that she and Graham have hit the jackpot.

Graham arranges an “accidental” meeting with Amanda (when in reality, it was his plan from the start), then develops a relationship with her.

But also, Iris develops a close friendship with Arthur, the former screenwriter, and wanted to try to marry her so that he bequeath her his house and his fortune, but Jack Black (Miles) intervened.

Isn’t that the scariest theory of all time? Whoever started this, he deserves some kind of reward because it gave us chills!

But, to be fair, we’ll stick to the original Vacations, Thank you!

It’s officially Australia’s favorite Christmas movie!

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