This Underseen Indie Thriller Has A Big Act 2 Flair

In the thriller 2019 I see you, Helen Hunt plays Jackie Harper, a woman who cheated on her husband Greg (Jon Tenney) and whose child Connor (Judah Lewis) hates her because of it. The movie looks smart and the family is definitely going through some tough times, but for the first part of the movie, it doesn’t feel that interesting or like anything new.

Everything changes when audiences discover the incredible plot twist that will leave suspense fans pondering for days. It is better to enter the film without knowing anything at all because I see you won’t disappoint those looking for a different take on a thriller that has everything from family drama to events that seem supernatural but have a much more exciting explanation. I see you is an indie thriller with a nice twist and there are plenty of reasons to love this film.


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First of all, I see you looks like a fairly straightforward thriller. It is logical that The woman at home... pokes fun at horror and thriller tropes because there’s so much to work with. Strange things are going on at Jackie’s house and it looks like a ghost is behind them: there’s a mask under Connor’s bed, forks and knives go missing, and a guy shows up saying he’s goes to fix the window and that Jackie’s daughter opened the door for him.

Alec wearing a frog mask in the thriller I See You

Since Jackie only has one son, that’s a problem. When Connor is attacked, Jackie drives him to the hospital for help, and then a person wearing a mask with a frog approaches Greg in the house. Hunt excels in this role and although she is hilarious as the quirky character Jamie in the 90s sitcom Crazy of you, Hunt does well as a terrified mother worried about the strange situation her family has been put in. It’s all interesting and terrifying, but if the movie continued in that direction, it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. But then the plot happens and the film becomes one of the most creative and inventive thrillers of recent years.

There are several amazing twists in 90s horror movies and how the story changes in I see you is just as smart. It turns out that two young adults, Alec (Owen Teague) and Mindy (Libe Barer), live in the house and that’s why these weird things happened. They are “phroggers” and while Mindy has done this before and wants to have a place to live without anyone seeing her, Alec thinks it would be fun for Greg, Jackie and Connor to believe they are imagining things. According to Urban dictionary, the definition of “phrogging” is “a person living secretly in another person’s house”. The website explains that people who do this are called “phrogs” because they “jump; from house to house, like a frog might on a lily pad.”

While the Netflix thriller Perfection does a poor job with his twist, I see you rewinds the events of the first half of the film and the narration is smart and works perfectly. Fans of the horror and thriller genre will appreciate that the plot twist feels clever and unexpected and it’s impossible to guess that’s where the movie was headed. I see you is a welcome change from thrillers that feel like they’re identical to anything that’s come before them.

All along I see you, there is another story about children who continue to be kidnapped and kept somewhere out of sight. There’s another twist at the end of the movie: Greg is responsible and he tried to hurt Alec when Alec was younger and Alec was able to escape. The idea that Jackie was married off to someone who hurt children is absolutely awful and worse than any horror the family has experienced throughout the movie. When a villain hides in plain sight, it’s often the most fascinating and also the scariest thing that can happen.

Helen Hunt in I See You

This twist also subverts the idea of ​​who the film’s villain is. While during part of the movie, viewers think Jackie is a jerk because she cheated on her husband, they then learn that it was Greg who did unforgivable things. Fortunately, I see you is not a horror movie with the winning villain, because it would be horrible for Greg to get away with his crimes. Greg is murdered and everyone discovers the evil he has done. With so many great thrillers over the past few decades, I see you deserves praise for being incredibly fresh and unique.

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