Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo give readers the first Batman/Spawn team-up since 1994

In 1992, Todd McFarlane introduced the world to his mystical anti-hero, Al Simmons’ Spawn. Two years later, Spawn had two different crossovers with Gotham’s Dark Knight in Spawn/Batman and Batman/Spawn: War Devil.

Now McFarlane and the legendary DC – and the precedents Spawn — artist Greg Capullo has teamed up again to bring the mismatched heroes together. For the first time in 28 years, the two will meet in a 48-page graphic novel, which will be released in December 2022. McFarlane announced the one-shot at San Diego Comic-Con, promising the kind of thrills fans could get. memory of reading. comics like children.

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In 1994, Spawn joined a host of other 1990s pop culture characters in having a crossover book with Batman. Following in the footsteps of Judge Dredd, Predator, and Hellboy, McFarlane’s hellspawn hero found himself in the world of Batman, with the two forming an uneasy alliance in an effort to save innocent lives. The two original graphic novels follow a similar formula, with one hero ending up in the other’s town. They start out as adversaries before realizing that they are both on the side of good. At the book’s climax, the heroes put aside their difference and team up to defeat a villainous “big bad.”

Spawn/Batmanwritten by Frank Miller and drawn by McFarlane himself, brought Spawn into the pages of Miller Return of the Dark Knight, with a villainess named Margaret Love and her gang of brainwashed cyborgs as the main villains. The story revolves around a plot to take homeless people off the streets and conduct experiments to convert them into cybernetic minions. The second book, Batman/Spawn: war devil (written by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and the late Alan Grant, art by Klaus Janson), saw the heroes team up again, this time to solve the mystery of Roanoke Colony’s demise with an occult and demonic twist.

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Batman and horror have always gone hand in hand, as in stories like Batman: Reptilian and batman: the cult, or more recent tales such as dc the vampire slayer Where Deceased. This gender match makes Batman and Spawn a great team. Both Batman and Spawn are heroes inspired by tragedy. Batman, of course, saw his parents slaughtered before his young eyes. Spawn, meanwhile, died, was sent to Hell, and made a deal to return to Earth only to find that his family and friends had left after his disappearance. Both heroes care deeply for the downtrodden in their cities. Spawn defends his homeless community and saves children in New York. Batman, on the other hand, is the fierce protector of Gotham’s vulnerable, crime-stricken population. The tone combinations, the same gritty urban setting, and an assortment of brutal and chaotic villains all provide a great base for a fantastic Batman and Spawn match. Heck, each hero even has their own clown-based nemesis.

While the heroes share similarities, their crossover won’t just be a reunion of carbon copies. Due to their contrasting methods and ethics, but a similar moral code of good and evil, the contrast between Spawn and Batman makes for some compelling interpersonal drama. With Spawn now a more seasoned warrior than the duo’s first encounters, that dynamic will likely be stronger than ever in this new graphic novel.

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