Trailer: Dead By Midnight Y2Kill [EXCLUSIVE]

Watch the exclusive trailer for Dead By Midnight Y2Kill, the new anthology horror film from Indican Pictures starring Kane Hodder and Linnea Quigley.

Screen Rant is pleased to present the exclusive trailer for the new anthology horror film from Indican Pictures Death by Midnight Y2Killwith Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley and Linnea Quigley.

Death by Midnight Y2Kill is a new horror anthology film that creates a new brand of terror with original storytelling and iconic horror stars. Y2Kill assembled a team of horror legends including Kane Hodder (Jason X), Bill Mosley (Halloween), and Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead) for five terrifying segments, each more deadly than the next. All this murderous mayhem is hosted by the Temptress of Terror (Hannah Fierman, VHS) but she’d better beware, because the vengeful Mistress of Midnight (Erin Brown, masters of horror) wants to prove that she’s still the most infernal host around.


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The film follows the 2018 anthology film Dead at midnightin which the local TV station crew begins to disappear on Halloween night, only to reappear in the shorts as fictional characters. Dead By Midnight Y2Kill brings five new horror stories, from the horrific to the absurd (and sometimes, a bit of both).

In its history, Indican Pictures films have won two Independent Spirit Awards, three FIPRESCI Awards, five PRISM Awards, two NAACP Awards, an ALMA Award and two HOT DOCS. Indican is known for posting difficult content like Boondock Saints (Norman Reedus) tuvalu (FIPRESCI WINNER), Pure (Keira Knightley), Hybrid (Independent Spirit Award Winner), Only the brave (internment of Japanese Americans), The Black List V. I-III (HBO original series), and Guest artist (Jeff Daniels) Ballbuster (Jerry O’Connell) Blood brothers (Jacqueline Bisset), the documentary 30 Years of Garbage: The Story of Garbage Pail Kids, among others. Indican Pictures acquires and distributes a diverse selection of feature films to a wide range of outlets, including theaters, home entertainment, television, airlines and streaming platforms.

Death by Midnight Y2Kill is one of many recent horror films to be released. Last year gave us quite a few horror films, including A Quiet Place Part II, My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Say It, The Boy Behind The Door, The Amusement Park, Slaxxand candy man, to name a few. So far, 2022 has seen the releases of Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Costs, with the highly anticipated Morbius, the black phone, don’t worry honey, Halloween is over, Ummaand Jordan Peele Nope scheduled for outings.

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Death by Midnight Y2Kill will be available on DVD and on demand on April 26, 2022.

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