Trey Songz accused of sexual assault by entertainer and basketball player Dylan Gonzalez

Trey Songz attends his special virtual Valentine's Day concert on February 7, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Trey Songz attends his special virtual Valentine’s Day concert on February 7, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

It looks like Trey Songz is in the news again – and unfortunately for him, it’s not music related.

Uproxx reports that the Anticipation The entertainer was accused of rape by entertainer and former UNLV basketball player Dylan Gonzalez. Gonzalez has already tweeted “Trey Songz is a rapist” just before the turn of 2022 and on Tuesday, she released an official statement that touched on her encounter with the Back home singer and expressed his support for other victims of sexual assault.

“With what seems to be endlessly recurring news of Trey Songz’s alleged sexual assaults, I am forced to repeatedly relive in my mind and suffer again, the long suppressed horror and unbearable PTSD of my rape. by his own hands at a well known Las Vegas hotel,” Gonzalez wrote. “I want to send my love, my strength and my hope to all who are victims of sexual assault and its deadly nature. You’re not alone. I am with you and encourage anyone who has experienced abuse to speak up and come forward. Suppressing our voices only emboldens our oppressors, and you can’t heal what you don’t reveal.

She concluded: “At this time, I humbly ask for my privacy, consideration and compassion while fully committing to pursuing the best course of action and all my legal options. Gracias Mi Gente, Dyl.” Gonzalez also urged that all inquiries and questions be directed to his attorney.

As for Songz, a rep for his team has since responded to the new allegations and expressed confidence in the “I Invented Sex” singer’s full exoneration as the legal process unfolds.

“Trey and his team are confident in the legal process and that there will be an abundance of exonerating information to come in the coming weeks,” a rep told TMZ.

Like before rated by The Cut, this pattern of sexual assault allegations for Songz spans multiple women, multiple years, and multiple cities. (You all remember when Keke Palmer tried to sound the alarm a few years ago because I do.) Despite this fact, it seems that little has been done to keep the Ready artist to harass and assault women or hold him accountable for his actions. If he doesn’t clean up his act soon (and I mean, like yesterday), he might have to reconsider changing his name from Mr. Steal Yo Girl to Mr. Steal Yo Jail Cell. Just say.

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