TV’s Silliest Comedy Is Worth The Wait

When it comes to the wonderful treat of a show that is Los Espookys, stupidity is where it thrives. During the strong first season that first aired in 2019, we were introduced to a group of friends who used their love and knowledge of horror to create an unusual kind of business. Specifically, it was about creating scares and scares galore for various clients to use in convoluted ways to their advantage. Fittingly, he was the type of first season that made something seem like it was being nailed how sharp and clumsy it could be. Now, with its second season after a long hiatus, the show continues to be a staple on television.


Picking up shortly after the events of the first season, the gang once again live up to their old tricks. While all different in their comedic disposition, each character hits all the right notes to create a one-of-a-kind ensemble. There is the more measured Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), the absurd Tati (Ana Fabrega), the arrogant Andrés (Julio Torres), and the uncertain Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) who all got better at the horror concert.

Oh, there is also the return of Tico (Fred Armisen) as well as a few other new faces that turn out to be rather glorious surprises. However, all of this would be pointless without the great main characters. The more shenanigans they pull off, the more the show hits its stride and builds on the great foundations set by the first season. No gag is wasted and every additional horror creation they make is still extremely funny. It’s as ridiculous as ever, even if it never builds on what we’ve already seen as it morphs into something new.

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The story of this go-around centers on all of the most pressing issues of our time about power, literature, and what happens after we die. There’s Renaldo, who began to be haunted by the recent beauty pageant winner who was thought to be dead, Tati discovering a new talent for a unique genre of writing, and Úrsula finding herself embroiled in a political campaign. . Oh, and Andrés is mostly watching himself once again as he deals with the fallout of not getting married at the end of last season.

All of these different storylines can see the characters drift apart in a way that feels more spread out than in the first season, though they all end up coming together to great comedic effect. Each episode always contains a job that they have to do, and while some of them aren’t as elaborate as the ones in Season 1, it’s so that they can be incorporated into the various storylines that unfold. While that may leave some wishing for some of the more contained elements it started with, all the new absurdity the series finds itself in will soon dispel any residual fears.

While all the characters shine, there’s one that stands out: Tati just keeps getting funnier and funnier this season. This is largely due to Fabrega’s mastery of every scene, hitting every line with a sincerity that ensures every joke and every side kills. The way she captures Tati’s obliviousness, which seems to have only grown since last season, never ceases to be extremely funny. While comedians can often be underrated when it comes to acting, this is yet another reminder of how a great character is only as good as the person playing them. Watching Fabrega find new comedic ground for Tati at every turn is joyous to behold.

Without giving away what she’s up to this season, every new path she takes arrives at a destination that turns out to be funnier than most other comedies. Even if the show was just built around Tati’s journey, it would be worth watching on its own. It’s obviously an ensemble piece, but it’s Fabrega who can make even the simplest situations fun. She’s an agent of unassuming comedic mayhem, making the most of every moment she gets and taking us with her as we take a closer look into Tati’s mind. As far as great comedy characters of all time go, she’s one of the best.

When it works with all the others Los Espookys, the show really makes the long wait since the last season all the more interesting. The show matters Lorne Michaels as an executive producer and, while there have been some fun moments scattered around SNL, it’s the best thing he’s tied his name to in recent memory. It’s all so thorough and inventive, pushing the comedic premise to its absolute limits. This is a series that seems like it could last as many seasons as it wants and not be enough. Even if you don’t initially operate on its wavelength, the wacky world it creates is one that will win you over.

There are times when he finds himself rather lost in foreign tracks, like those with Armisen, who gets thrown into the mix and can feel a bit like a one-note distraction from the main cast. However, he always finds his way back to the comic core when he needs to. This is where the creativity really takes hold and surprises you with every new joke. If you’ve been looking for a worthy successor to the solid first season, always a difficult prospect, it’s hard to think of a more remarkable show than Los Espookys. While one can only hope it won’t be long until there’s no more of this quirky crew, what we got is still something worth cherishing for as long. that we have it.

Evaluation: A-

You can watch the first episode of Los Espookys Season 2 starting September 16 on HBO Max, with the remaining five episodes releasing weekly.

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