Unique Werewolf Movie ‘The Haunted And The Hunted’ Releases First Trailer

Armed with a pistol and a single silver bullet, a woman must attempt to survive the werewolf’s three-night cycle in The haunted and the hunted. Presented without any dialogue, the post-apocalyptic horror film promises to be a unique take on werewolf lore.

The first trailer gives us a glimpse of a woman, drenched in blood and terrified as a scream is heard in the distance, ready to get her to her feet.

Award-winning playwright Lenny Schwartz made his directorial debut from his own screenplay. Must-Have New England Indie Horror Sheri Lee stars in the film which features special effects artists Izzi Galindo (The Batman, “True Detective”) and Erminio Pinque team up to bring the terrifying creatures to the screen.

The haunted and the hunted currently doing crowdfunding on indiegogo. Backers have the opportunity to become involved in the production, including appearing on screen as a corpse. Other perks include producer credits, premiere tickets, and more.

“I started writing this movie in 2015,” notes Schwartz. “After years of tweaking it, I finally decided I had to direct it. When I met Sheri Lee, the picture was complete in my head. I’ve thought about it nonstop ever since, and I don’t won’t stop until the premiere.

The haunted and the hunted Filming is set to begin this fall in Rhode Island, with the film aiming for a 2023 release.

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