Violette responds to viral TikTok makeup hacks of 2021

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In 2021, TikTok has become widespread. It wasn’t just “that video app the kids were on” or a mysterious descendant of Vine anymore. And that meant almost everyone, not just those actively on the app, became aware of its proliferation of beauty tricks, hacks, and in some cases, potentially dangerous DIYs. As TikTok hacks and trends become more mainstream, traditionally trained professionals have watched, sometimes in horror. (Highlight with SPF – gasp!) Fortunately, with makeup, having fun and expressing yourself doesn’t hurt much. Always, we Thought it would be fun to revisit the viral makeup hacks of 2021 – with none other than Violette [Serrat], artistic makeup director of Guerlain, founder of her eponymous makeup line VIOLETTE_FR, and famous French cool girl (430,000 subscribers on Instagram).

Apply foundation with a jade roller

What is that: Exactly what it looks like. In early November, TikToker @Avonnasunshine (73.9,000 subscribers) posted a video demonstrating the “hack” and called it a “GAMECHANGER”. The post has 1.2 million views. “When you use a sponge or a brush, it absorbs some of that product. But with the quartz roller, it just distributes this product evenly – you’re going to use less product and get more complete coverage, ”she says in the post.

Violette’s point of view: “You can do it with a jade scroll… but you’re just going to make your life so difficult.” You can apply it like paint, but you can’t mix it. This is why, for me, it is [always] a brush, fingers or a blender. I prefer a blender. A Beautyblender mimics your own skin better and it melts very well. It’s even OK that he absorbs some of the formula. The formula releases when you put pressure on your skin, and you want it. It makes things easier and smoother.

Mario Dedivanovic’s “lip lift” liner trend

What is that: Simply put, it is the selective lip highlighting. You only use the lip liner in the center of Cupid’s bow and in the middle of the lower lip. It is intended to mimic the effects of a tilting lips.

Violette’s point of view: ” So it works. But, for me, I don’t like the makeup that is used to be a plastic surgeon or to transform. I like to use makeup as a party. Contouring is also the opposite of my culture. Another way to make a difference is creating an ombre effect – having a shade darker on the sides and lighter in the center. My fear in changing your characteristics is that when you take it off you don’t like what you see. My goal is for you to love who you are without makeup and use makeup as a way of having fun, but not as a performance.

The eyeshadow hack

What is that: Take an eyeshadow palette and create small stripes, go from lighter shades to darker shades – then just mix hell in it to work your way into a layered look that would usually require a higher skill level.

Violette’s point of view: “This is how the shadow works: you go from black to light. So I’m not surprised that it works. And I think that’s what TikTok is. As a makeup artist, I don’t need something like that, but I understand it. The idea is for people to have fun with makeup, and that’s great. If that encourages you to have fun and try new colors, then do it! As for the other shading tips, you can really do it in two seconds with just one color. So, for example, if you use a bright blue – a very strong color – you just apply it as a veil. And then you take more and apply – just more – to the middle of your eyelid. In my culture, though, we’re not a fan of smoky eyes with the liner and the transitional hues and all those colors. It’s too much time. I like a color, then I go out.

Draping – aka, contour blush

What is that: TikTok has gone mad for blush draping (aka, contour blush or side blush) over the summer. “It’s about using blush to sculpt and enhance your face instead of your usual contour shade,” TikToker said. @Feliciamariemakeup. She also explained that it was an old-fashioned technique that was popularized by Cher’s makeup artist at the time, Way Bandy.

Violette’s point of view: “It’s TikTok. They use very basic things in makeup and make it look new! I’m in line with this. The place where you put your blush can be used to enhance whatever it is you want to heighten. For example, for me, I have dark circles that go down quite low and cut the volume of my cheek. And so what I do is put the blush on really round. But, if you have a rounder face and want to create that more oval, high-cheeked look, then you put the blush higher. With makeup, you always fool the eyes. Maybe people will get out of contouring a bit and do it more – it’s a healthy trend. Because the outline is often done with those crisp lines and heavy technique, it’s a way to highlight the cheekbones better, without it being such a strong transformation.

Dark circles under the eyes … on purpose

What is that: At the beginning of the year, Gen-Z TikTokers grabbed the headlines to use makeup to accentuate their dark circles. ” Dark circles under eyes ? Kids say it’s cool, ”said a February New York Times article. The technique is essentially the opposite of using a concealer: intentionally using a darker pigment to exaggerate the color under the eyes.

Violette’s point of view: “A little darkness can be really cool, actually. Having a little bit of darkness there is like having eye shadow. I also think it’s healthy to think of it that way, because some people feel so ugly about having dark circles, and they shouldn’t. They look great with it, but they don’t see it. This is another trend that could actually be very healthy … but putting lipstick under your eyes? What the hell? No.”

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