What would be each character’s favorite modern TV series

Office continues to be one of the best known and most humorous shows in existence. The cast plays a huge role in making the show as funny as possible, with all their comedic timing, facial expressions, and improvisation.

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They play a diverse cast of characters in Office which never leave room for a moment of boredom. Their characters all have their own varied quirks, personalities, and interests that make every episode entertaining. Based on these interests and characteristics, they would likely watch popular shows today.


Kelly – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

kelly interview sparkly jacket, real housewives colorful poster with cast

Kelly is known for her bubbly attitude that has her constantly talking 24/7. She lives for gossip, celebrity news and entertainment, and all things fashion and glitz. . That’s why his favorite show would probably be The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

real housewives is all about the lives of lavish women across the country and is full of drama and gossip. It includes big-name celebrities going about their usual daily routine of business, family life, and strife. Kelly would probably like to watch this because of the buzz surrounding the show, as she likes to stay on trend. She would love the luxurious lifestyles and fashion featured in the show and would likely try to recreate them herself in some way.

Gabe – Horror Stories in Two Sentences

Gabe is a character Office fans feel bad because he was seen as a bit of an outsider. He is a goofy personality with humor, and no one has ever taken his interests seriously. He is known to be a fan of horror films and series, which is why Horror stories in two sentences would be his cup of tea.

As fans see throughout the series, Gabe has an uncanny fascination with horror themes. In the Halloween episode, “Spooked”, he shows the office staff a video of a random montage of different gross and horrible things. It is also explained that he made Erin watch horror movies with him every time they watched something. Horror stories in two sentences is a collection of different shorts filled with twisted stories and scary plots in each episode, which Gabe would probably be in.

Oscar – Queer Eye

Oscar interview purple shirt, casting queer eye poster on purple background

Oscar is the only main character fans see on the show representing the LGBTQ+ community, but he was a little shy about it. Even after being with his co-workers, he tended to keep that part of him to himself as the office workers sometimes made fun of it a bit. Yet this is exactly why weird eye should be his reference.

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weird eye is all about five gay men, who are professional artists and workers who use their gifts to help others gain confidence. It’s the perfect show for Oscar to come home and gorge on after another chaotic day at the office. He lacks self-confidence, allows people to walk all over him, and avoids confrontation. The Fab 5 would motivate him to stand up for himself and be proud of who he is.

Kevin – I have never

Kevin closeup smirking never have I ever colored pink poster

Kevin is not only known for having one of the most iconic culinary moments in Office, but he’s always there to laugh at inappropriate topics and make everyone a little uncomfortable. Although it is aimed at a younger age group, Kevin’s favorite would probably be is I have never because of its squeaky comedy.

As viewers are told that Kevin’s favorite movie is american pie 2, they can tell he’s probably prone to a bit of childish humor (since that’s what the movie is full of). Similar to Never I Never, American Pie 2 is also another coming-of-age story about navigating the choppy waters of puberty and sexuality. Kevin would appreciate the innuendos and laugh at any inappropriate jokes. Although he is a little out of his age range, it suits him in terms of maturity.

Andy – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Andy is an eccentric and outgoing individual who tries to befriend everyone. As friendly as he is, he has an explosive temper, punching the wall and kicking the trash cans. He is also a big fan of musicals and loves to sing, which is why Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist would be his proud favourite.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is a fun twist on the usual musical series, in which the main character Zoey begins to hear other people’s thoughts and feelings through song. Not only does Andy love musical theater and all things music, but he also struggles a bit with his own emotions, such as temper and telling Erin how he feels about her. He would love to watch this show and would probably be inspired to express himself through his own songs.

Ryan – Ozark

Ryan in front of the dunder mifflin panel, ozark poster character tied up

Ryan went through a slow transformation during the show. However, he has always been a character with big dreams and high expectations. The way he maneuvered his way to the top from his temporary position was surprising, but the power trip sent him spiraling. His favorite show would probably have themes related to his own life but dramatically exaggerated, such as ozark.

In ozark, the main character is a powerful individual who walks on a thin layer of ice. When his misdeeds of money laundering and fraud were discovered, he risked losing everything he held dear. Ryan could relate this to his own difficult time with cheating and go from top to bottom all over again because of it. Since Ryan is kind of the king of drama, he’d love to watch ozark and reminiscing about his bad times.

Dwight – The OA

Dwight close up OA poster neon blue light

Dwight is the ultimate nerd and know-it-all of the show. He likes to be the hero and sees each scenario as his own personal mission. He expresses his love for many weird things that no one else seems to understand, especially his extreme fascination with all things sci-fi, which is why the OA would be his favorite.

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Dwight has shown his love for sci-fi by playing his online games, impersonating his favorite sci-fi characters, and talking about his belief in and fascination with androids and zombies. Dwight would appreciate the OA for that would appeal to his passion for the missions. the O.A. has sci-fi and supernatural themes and follows the main character as she returns from a mysterious dimension and recruits others to help her save other abductees.

Pam – Meet Your Creators Showdown

Pam worked in the office, but she was actually an amazing artist. In fact, she probably could have pursued it as another career, even though she cared too much about her co-workers to leave. She probably likes to work on her art when she’s not in the office and would probably like to watch Meet your Showdown creators.

Meet your Showdown creators is a contest where amazing artists compete, creating wild and unique works of art to win $10,000. Pam was a great artist and almost left Dunder Mifflin to make a career out of it, but she didn’t want to leave the employees she loved behind. That’s not to say she doesn’t spend more time working on her art and critiquing the art of others on the competitive game show.

Jim – Wacky Encounters

Jim awkward gaze at the camera, close-up host prank encounter poster with headphones

Despite being a soft-spoken and calm individual, Jim is the office prankster. He constantly found ways to play with people, especially Dwight, and reveled in the humorous interactions around him every day. His talent for pranks is why he would enjoy the show Dating pranks.

Dating pranks is the ultimate reality show that brings people’s worst nightmares to life, but in a lighthearted and playful way, something Jim strived to do for Dwight every day. He was always looking for a way to toy with Dwight as revenge for the annoyance and headaches he gave everyone in the office and because he was easily gullible. Jim would probably like to watch Dating pranks and gather some inspiration for his own tricks.

Michel Barry

Michael interview grin, barry poster with mirror lights

Leave it to Michael Scott to constantly fuel every cringe-worthy, uncomfortable moment on the show with his inappropriate sense of humor. He loved being the center of attention and the funniest guy in the room, but he never knew how to do it right. His love for action and comedy makes barry the perfect show for him.

barry is a black comedy about a hitman who finds love for another passion, acting. He attempts to completely change his lifestyle while still caught up in the twisted business of the assassinations. Michael would appreciate a show like this, seeing as he loves cheesy crime dramas — like he wrote one himself. But he also has a softer side, who would find Barry’s transformation endearing. Michael’s love of improv and comedy also drew him to this unique series.

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