Who is horror makeup artist with Holly Murray, 2 million TikTok fans?

By day Holly Murray is a regular mum from East Lancashire – but by night she transforms into celebrities and horror characters in a bid to entertain her 2.2million TikTok followers.

Holly, from Accrington, is a self-taught makeup artist and artist who has carved out a career on the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

On her account, Holly tries on viral makeup trends and is best known for her celebrity and horror character transformation.

Holly Murray, a TikTok star from Accrington

Beetlejuice, Pennywise, and Austin Powers are just a few of the incredible, realistic characters she’s transformed into.

Holly describes her account as “a little weird and strange” but adds that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She said: “When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a children’s entertainer and I do a little TikTok too.

“When I tell them I cosplay as different characters, including some scary ones, I get some funny looks.”

Holly, 30, said she opened her TikTok account at the start of the lockdown but only started taking it seriously last July.

She said: “I restarted it last July and that’s when I really started putting time and effort into the account.

“As soon as I started posting, I started getting great videos and lots of clicks.”

Holly’s transformation into Suicide Squad’s Enchantress was the first of her videos to hit a million views – but her video Annabelle, which has 17.2 million views to date, is what really motivated Holly to continue her career.

@hollymurraymakeup Enchantress spin 🖤 #makeup #10secondsvs #makeuptip #horrortiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Statistics

She said, “As soon as I did Annabelle, that was it. I thought ‘yes, this is something I want to do and I want to keep doing it forever’.”


This audio recreation 😱❤️ Annabelle! Who should I recreate next? !

♬ possibly in michigan – shaywee 👹

Impressive, down-to-earth looks don’t come easily and Holly, who learned everything she knows from YouTube videos, can spend upwards of 14 hours on one look.

Although busy with “mom life” during the day, she often stays up at night in an effort to complete the look before the school rush the next morning.

She said: “I try to post every day and do three big looks a week – which is difficult with two kids, but I usually do it at night while they sleep.

“I will prepare and plan when they are in school and when they go to bed around 8 p.m. I will start.

“I’m so tired 90% of the time and if you see me on the street I usually have puffy eyes and blotchy skin – but know I’ll have a stunning video coming out the next day.”

His favorite look to date was his transformation into Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s novel and film franchise IT.

The look took 14 hours to complete with the original video amassing over 76 million views.


You too will float 🎈 Pennywise makeup! Who should I create next?

♬ original sound – Kathryn Denny

Holly also introduces dentures and false teeth into her look, which she makes herself.

She said: “Some of them have awesome teeth so I make those too. I did all this work with the makeup, so I have to have the right look, right?

“I try to make as many costumes as I physically can – I’m a bit cheap and don’t like spending money if I know I can do it.”

If you think horror looks will keep you awake at night, Holly has done some awesome celebrity and movie transformations, too — and their lookalikes are just as impressive.

Nancy from The Craft, Austin Powers, Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman are just a few of the characters she has transformed into.


One of the drafts! This has to be the most iconic scene, right? ! Pretty woman 💋

♬ original sound – •The Ones We All Love•

Holly says her two children are her biggest fans and often call her “TikTok famous”.

She said: “My nine-year-old will often say ‘mom is famous on TikTok.’ The teachers stop her in the hallway and tell her they found my TikToks.

“They’re my biggest fans. I’ll finish my looks an hour before my daughter gets up and she’ll go to bed with me and ask to watch the video from the night before.

Holly says her TikTok account has given her many amazing opportunities and the chance to work with big brands, such as Amazon Prime and Fortnite; she was even interviewed by Good Morning America.

She was assigned to a management team in August last year after gaining more than 290,000 followers on her platform in just one month.

She said: “It’s been the weirdest few months – but it’s also been so exciting. I’m never one to look back at the things I’ve done and be proud of myself.

“I always doubt myself and am so self-critical that I hardly post half the looks I do.

“But I look back on what I accomplished last year and I’m proud of it.

“I can’t wait to see what happens to my career on TikTok and have no plans to stop in the future.”

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