Who is the best final girl in horror?


Halloween’s Laurie Strode and Scream’s Sidney Prescott both survived unimaginable terrors, but who is the most formidable final girl?

The Girl’s Latest Trope is seen in many horror movies, especially slashers. It refers to the last female character left alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one who tells the story to others. In 1992, the term was coined by Carol J. Clover in her book: Men, Women and Chainsaws: The Gender in Modern Horror Film. However, the last girls existed long before the term, with many believing it to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ pivotal role in Halloween which gave birth to the final concept of the girl.

Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) and Neve Campbell (Sidney) have become two of the most prominent and influential actresses in horror history. Older generations hailed Curtis and Campbell’s refreshing presence in Halloween and Scream respectively, but they have also been called “scream queens” by the younger generations. Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott drew modern horror audiences when Curtis reprized his role in Halloween (2018) and Halloween kills (2021) and Campbell has been announced to return as Sidney in the upcoming sequel, Scream 5 (2022). The public has compared Laurie and Sidney ever since Halloween and Scream topped the charts for the best horror franchises. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of Laurie and Sidney and why each of them is an admirable final girl.

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Sidney Prescott as the final daughter of “Comedy Relief”


Since her first encounter with The Ghostface, it was obvious from Sidney’s sarcasm that she would bring comedic relief to the macabre franchise. In a chilling phone conversation, which unexpectedly has become an iconic moment in cinematic horror, Ghostface asks, “Do you like horror movies?” to which Sidney replies, “What’s the point? They’re all the same. A stupid killer stalks a busty girl who can’t play, who always runs up the stairs – when she should run out the door. front door. It’s insulting. ” From that moment on, audiences knew she would shatter the well-described “insulting” stereotype of female horror characters.

From the start, it’s evident that Sidney is hyper aware of the potential danger and plans accordingly to prevent it before it happens. This is likely due to the trauma of losing her mother to a grizzly bear murder. she barricades the door to her room so that no one can enter without her permission.

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Not only that, but audiences can deduce early on that Sidney isn’t the type to drown in pity and sympathy or allow others to exploit his suffering. One of the most iconic and fun moments of Scream It’s when she hits on Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) who refuses to respect her limits after insisting on an interview about her deceased mother and Cotton Weary’s (supposedly) bogus imprisonment, which Sidney has apparently wrongly accused. Not only does Sidney mentally face devastating loss, but her confidence is shattered whenever Ghostface’s identity is revealed, especially since Billy Loomis, her then boyfriend, was one of the first. to put on the costume. Despite the betrayal, she persists in her goal of rebuilding her life.

One of her notable weaknesses is that she relies solely on self-reliance and refuses to show her vulnerability or accept help from other people. It’s often his downfall, as Gale Weathers and Dwight “Dewey” Riley (David Arquette) are both trusted companions who have saved Sidney from several close calls. Whether she survived with or without help, it is oddly inspiring that such an independent woman faces a life and death situation and emerges from it enlightened by the will to live.

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Laurie Strode as the “No Frills” Final Girl


Jamie Lee Curtis was just 19 when she landed the role of Laurie Strode in John Carpenter Halloween, which he wrote with a small budget in mind and never expected to achieve mainstream success. When the film became a worldwide phenomenon and a testament to Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance as Laurie, who possessed such an unwavering will to survive that it even surpassed the resolve of “The Boogeyman” – Michael Myers.

Laurie shows up with a girl next door innocence that makes her inconceivable as a murder target, but she realizes an imminent threat when a series of murders took place in her neighborhood. When all the chips had fallen and she was the last girl standing, Laurie valiantly defended herself against the evil force of nature that is the immortal Michael Myers.

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Laurie is a down-to-earth type of character who knows what she wants or needs and will go out of her way to get it. Like Sidney’s memorable phone call, the scene from Halloween this will go down in history when Laurie hides in the closet, only to be greeted by an aggressively relentless Michael, who begins to force open the closet door, much to Laurie’s dismay.

It is important to remember that Laurie was “offed” in Halloween: Resurrection. However, not only was her death scene tragic, it also had an impact. When Laurie meets her demise, Michael throws Laurie – tied to a rope tie – onto the roof of the Grace Andersen Sanitarium and throws his knife through her back. As she hangs there, dying, Laurie kisses Michael’s mask and promises to see him in hell. Accepting her death with such commendable courage and showing courage in the face of defeat shows a stark contrast to Laurie’s first cinematic incarnation, in which she has the benevolent nature of someone who would never hurt a fly, and even less to Michael.

Whether it’s Sidney or Laurie, when the smoke clears, they both come out (mostly) unharmed and live to see another day. This unwavering self-preservation is the basis that these last two girls are undoubtedly “the best” in their own way.

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