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If recent horror comedies like Weird and Ready or Not do you fancy new additions to the genre, you’re in luck. Starz is about to premiere shining valleya new series of 8 episodes of Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan which seems to promise thrills, chills and a few laughs.

shining valley revolves around a dysfunctional family that moves from Brooklyn, New York, to a small town in Connecticut (the titular Shining Vale). The only problem? It turns out horrible things have happened in the mansion they are moving into. As matriarch Pat Phelps (Courtney Cox) discovers that their new home is haunted by a ghost, she soon realizes that no one seems to notice this alarming fact but her. Does she see things? Is she depressed? Or are his ghostly visions the result of something… darker?


Whether you’re curious about the characters on the show or who plays them, here’s a handy cast and character guide to keep you up to date as you watch. Shining Valley.

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Patricia “Pat” Phelps (Courteney Cox)


Pat is the matriarch of the Phelps family. In addition to being a mother of two children, she is also an author suffering from severe writer’s syndrome. She rose to fame writing a steamy novel about female empowerment, but can’t seem to start her second. After her crazy past and her affair with her handyman, Pat and her husband Terry (Greg Kinner) move to Shining Vale in an attempt to save their marriage.

Cox is best known for portraying Monica Geller in Fnothing and Jules Cobb on Cougar Cityin addition to appearing in episodes of Scrubs, Seinfeld, web therapy, Shamelessand the upcoming scripted adaptation of the documentary Last chance U. She also played the role of Gale Weathers in all 5 episodes of the Yell franchise, as well as Ace Ventura: animal detective and mothers and daughters. Cox has also done several projects including the films TalhotBlonde and Just before I leave.

Terry (Greg Kinner)

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Terry is Pat’s sweet and optimistic husband. He finds himself in a relationship rut with Pat but is more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep their marriage and family intact. Despite his willingness to try couples therapy and move to Shining Vale, he harbors some resentment towards Pat for his infidelity.

Kinnear is known for his television performances as Glen Bateman in the recent adaptation of The stallas well as roles in Rake, Card castle, modern family, Friends, Jordan Peleis the restart of The twilight zoneand the next Enter with the devil. He played the role of Richard Hoover in the comedy-drama Little Miss Sun in addition to films such as You’ve got mail, Invincible, Presenter 2: the legend continuesand the detective thriller Crisis.

Gaynor (Gus Birney)

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Gaynor is the Phelps’ 16-year-old daughter. She blames Pat for uprooting them from their comfortable life in New York and forcing them to move to Shining Vale. Like many teenage daughters, Gaynor argues with her mother about just about everything without realizing how much alike they are.

Gus Birney starred in the television adaptation of Stephen Kingit’s Mistas well as Dickinson where she played Jane Humphreys. She also appeared in the series Blue blood, The black list, Jessica Jonesand Chicago Mediterranean. On the big screen, we see her in I’m thinking of ending things and the next Happiness for beginners.

Jake (Dylan Gage)

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Jake is Pat and Terry’s son who suffers from severe ADHD and OCD. He is gentle like his father, but also seems to have inherited Terry’s temper. His sensitive demeanor may well attract the ghosts of the deceased to the Phelps’ new home.

While Dylan Gage is fairly new to acting, he is best known for his role as Gabe in the series PEN15as well as appearances in It’s us, stranger thingsand horror show. On the big screen, he starred in films like The house with a clock in its walls, Hillbilly Elegyand Fear Street: Part Two – 1978in addition to the next summer gold.

Rosemary (Mira Sorvino)

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Rosemary is the first ghost Pat encounters in their new home. She promises to help Pat work on her new novel if Pat allows Rosemary to “get inside her”. Is Rosemary just a ghost looking for a connection, or something more malevolent with darker intentions?

On the television, Mira Sorvino played characters such as Sara on falling skyAmy in Intrudersand Jeanne Crandall in Hollywood. She also has a long film career, with starring roles in Mighty Aphrodite (for which she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress), Imitate, Romy and Michèle’s high school reunionas well as appearances in A crime story, After our falland the next Lamborghini.

Kam (Merrin Dungey)

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Kam is Pat’s editor and oldest friend. She loves Pat but has a low tolerance for nonsense. After all, she’s been with Pat through her lowest highs and lows, doling out her signature tough love along the way. But if Pat fails to write a new novel, Kam may have to drop her as a client.

In addition to appearances on shows like Man with a plan, American Horror Stories, the residentand LuciferMerrin Dungey portrayed recurring television characters like Francie Calfo in A.k.aUrsula in Once upon a timeand Detective Adrienne Quinlan in big little lies. You can also see her in movies like A kind of beautiful, Chips, Greenlandand more recently, The madness in me.

Joan (Judith Light)

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Joan is Pat’s vanity-obsessed mother. She never misses an opportunity to criticize her daughter and blame her for Joan’s own mental illness.

Judith Light has a career spanning over 40 years, with television roles such as Angela Bower on Whwhere is the boss? and Elizabeth Donnelly on Law & Order: Special Victims Unitin addition to appearances in Ugly Betty, Transparent, The good fightand the next Julia. On the big screen, we see her in Before you know it, Tick, tick… Boom!and the next black comedy thriller The menu.

Catherine (Alysia Reiner)

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Kathryn is a sharp and successful business professional who enjoys being a woman in a male-dominated field. She also happens to be Terry’s co-worker, which could prove disastrous for her relationship with Pat.

In addition to appearances on shows such as 30 Rock, Law and orderand BonesAlysia Reiner is also known for her role as Sunny in better thingskiki in The deviland Natalie “Fig” Figueroa in Orange is the new black. With roles in movies like Next to, This awesome momentand 5 flights higherwe can also see her in the next mini-series Ms. Marvel.

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