Why Megan Fox Fans Can’t Escape Jennifer’s Body

The 2009 American comedy horror film Jennifer’s body stars Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried as best friends who are complete opposites. Jennifer (Fox) has always been a terrible friend, but Needy (Seyfried) ignored Jennifer’s behavior because she always valued their friendship above all else. Besides, she was kind of in love with her too. This movie received mixed reviews from critics, though it’s still a surprisingly funny ride with two unique female leads who go head-to-head with each other to question each other.

Fox took a three-year hiatus between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2016 and above the shadows in 2019. Now she regularly lands dynamic roles that brought her back into the limelight after her second divorce from actor Brian Austin Green. A film that has remained a cult classic in the realm of horror was Jennifer’s body due to its campy nature and awareness of being primarily a black comedy. The movie was released over a decade ago, but it’s slowly become a movie people show their friends at movie nights, embracing the fun, the gore, and the scariness of the movie.

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Fox gained great popularity thanks to his role in Transformers alongside Shia LaBeouf in the 2007 film Michael Bay. His character was rather flat, as they used him as a one-dimensional romantic interest in the title character. She had won fans of this big blockbuster movie, but Jennifer’s body allowed him to really showcase his talents and range as an actor. Seyfried was also a wonderful partner for this film since she had her own fans of mean girls, Great love and Mama Mia! The duo fit in incredibly well and worked on each other’s energy in a memorable and fun way.

From leaning on cars to killing teenagers, Fox’s change in role added to the interest factor of Jennifer’s body after its initial release. Many people may not have realized that the movie was a horror-comedy at first, as the initial release didn’t have much success at the box office. Once the DVDs hit Blockbuster video stores, millennials gave the movie a shot, curious to see Fox and Seyfried in a movie together. The results created a cult following for the film. Many people enjoyed the cheeky humor of Jennifer’s bodyespecially the dialogue associated with the terrifying and deadly events taking place in the small town.

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The movie’s surprise supporting characters were Adam Brody from CO and Chris Pratt, who made a breakthrough in Parks and Recreation the same year of Jennifer’s bodythe exit. Pratt had a very small role, but he and Fox worked their scene well together and had great chemistry for such a small interaction. Brody played the antagonist role against Jennifer at the start of the film, and he sacrificed her for his band’s popularity. This scene was a wonderful performance from Fox where she gave it her all and looked rightfully terrified and earned her scream queen status.

Fox continued to act in various roles after Jennifer’s body, and his career is gaining momentum. Her fans can never escape the cult classic gem with strong feminist themes and silly dialogue. Fox received praise from critics for her performance, and audiences enjoyed her surprisingly outstanding performance. She got the lead role for Jennifer’s body with her status symbol and sense of humor, proving she would go to great lengths for a performance she believes in.

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