Why the next Halloween movie should be a prequel (set before the 1978 original)


The years Michael Myers spent in Smith’s Grove with Dr. Loomis still haven’t been seen onscreen, which is why a Halloween prequel is perfect.

Halloween ends is unlikely (despite its title) to put a definitive end to the slasher saga, so the next Halloween The film after the end of the trilogy is expected to be a prequel before the events of the original 1978 film. Horror legend John Carpenter and influential co-writer / producer Debra Hill are unlikely to have experienced the effect that ‘they would have on horror when the duo started working on The babysitter murders. The project, a horror that depicted a series of teenagers being offended one by one by a silent killer, quickly became known as the Halloween, one of the most influential slasher films in the history of the subgenre.

HalloweenThe s body count might not be the highest of all slasher franchises, but the 1978 film provided the blueprint for slasher cinema going forward. The mute and masked mad murderer, the group of interchangeable teenage victims, the last girl who (comparatively) abstains from sex and drugs while her doomed friends indulge in their vices. Halloween would influence not only the very popular Friday 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises but also the next generation of meta-slashers from the years 1996 To cry out From.

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the Halloween The franchise quickly proved to be as impossible to kill as its antagonist Michael Myers, earning a series of sequels, a 2000s remake (with its own sequel), and now a rebooted trilogy. This rebooted trilogy will soon end with the double hit of the next one Halloween kills and Halloween ends, but it’s hard to believe that will be the real end of the franchise. The success of director David Gordon Green’s trilogy has rekindled audiences’ interest in the films, and instead of creating more sequels, the next film is expected to be a prequel before Carpenter’s 1978 film. The franchise never explored the time when Dr. Loomis was studying Michael Myers at Smith’s Grove, and that could make for a compelling horror story.

Halloween ends

the Halloween derivative comic Halloween # 1 (Phil Nutman, Daniel Farrands and David Brewer, Chaos Comics) proves that this part of Michael and Loomis’ long history together could be compelling without costing Myers his all-important mystique. Many fans hated the fact that director Rob Zombie’s divisional remake lingered on the slasher’s backstory and even got Michael Myers talking, as franchise loyalists felt it robbed the character of his status. of unknowable enigma. The source of Michael’s terrifying evil has always been assumed to be something more unpredictable than the story of abuse in his house that the Zombie films describe, where a new spinoff could copy the prequel comics to ensure the character stays true to himself.

The prequel comic sees Loomis driven mad by wordless Michael without ever disclosing any evidence as to why Myers lost his mind or what’s wrong with him. The Doctor eventually admits that Michael is just hopelessly bad, but not until a few patients and even Loomis’ love interest lose their lives to young Michael. It’s a disturbing story that keeps Michael’s secrets a secret, and if the franchise doesn’t make its next release a Halloween 3: Season of the witch– standalone horror story style, one Halloween a film detailing this sordid past could be a stellar prequel to the franchise.

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  • Halloween Kills (2021)Release date: October 15, 2021
  • Halloween Ends (2022)Release Date: October 14, 2022

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