Your August 2022 Movie Preview

Theaters everywhere on August 12

MACK & RITA Official Trailer – Starring Diane Keaton – In theaters everywhere August 12

Large, 13 Running 30and terrible friday vibrations radiate from Mack and Rita. While on a bachelorette trip for a friend, struggling 30-year-old writer Mack (Elizabeth Lail) steps into a rickety tanning bed and emerges as a 70-year-old version of herself passed by Rita (Diane Keaton). The question seems to be, will Rita strike up a romantic relationship with Mack’s charming dog sitter, Jack (Dustin Milligan) before Mack can? The cast is aces, from the effervescent and ageless Keaton to You Lail, along with seasoned veterans Loretta Devine, Wendie Malick, Lois Smith and Amy Hill, as well as talented rising star Taylour Paige (hit the ground, Zola).

Direction Mack and Rita is Katie Aselton, best known as an actress whose credits include The League, Legionand The morning show, in which she co-stars with her real husband, actor-filmmaker Mark Duplass. She previously directed (and starred in) Free and black rock. There’s nothing wrong with a light romantic comedy, especially in today’s environment. And we’re excited to see one get a theatrical release. Here’s hoping Aselton pulls off the elusive perfect soufflé. And she has Keaton in her corner not just as a female lead, but as a producer. [Ian Spelling]

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